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CBX ProOxidizer

Formulated for water health.

What is CBX ProOxidizer?

CBX ProOxidizer is a biochemical formulation, scientifically designed to accelerate the oxidation of bio-solids in wastewater lagoons, digesters, collection systems, percolation basins, spray fields and standing water.


How Does CBX ProOxidizer Work?

CBX Pro Oxidizer affects cell wall permeability and cellular metabolism for faster rates of biooxidation and endogenous respiration.  ProOxidizer contains multiple systems, including organic acids, to increase the aerobic bacteria necessary to bio-oxidize sludge to carbon dioxide and water.


Applications: Benefits Your Entire Wastewater System

  • From lift stations to lagoons down to percolations basins and your discharge point.

  • Unplugging non-perking basins

  • Sludge reduction in ponds, lagoons, collection basins and other standing water

  • Remove grease and odour from lift stations and collections systems


Benefits of CBX ProOxidizer

  • Quick results with less maintenance and greater efficiency.

  • No disposal costs, no permits, no land application

  • Eliminates the need for land filling or offsite trucking

  • Degrades sludge, fats, oils, grease, algae and other organic material

  • Eliminates odors.

  • Lower BOD5 due to organic overloading.

  • Improved clarifier settleability

  • Increased dissolved oxygen concentrations.

  • Increased decant volume and digester capacity in aerobic digesters, for more room to waste solids.

  • Lower fecal coliform.

  • Accelerated rates of endogenous respiration leads to sludge mass and volume

  • An alternative to mechanical dredging (bio-dredging)- Sludge is oxidized onsite while the lagoon remains online


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